Quite pink card (Mojo 406)

I had real trouble with this weeks mojo sketch. It has many layers and there are a lot of possibilities which to make more colourful, let it fade into background, emphasize or change. The element in the left upper half was also a challenge, most things are more pleasing to put in a lower place... So this is what I came up with.

For my personal taste it is to pink, and not exciting enough. I feel it lacks change, something to focus on. But I guess there are those who prefer the calmness of the one colour scheme.

Main colour is Stampin Up Pretty in Pink. I finally got to use some of my little owl design paper and decided on a punched owl for decoration. The sentiment sais "All the Best". It might have worked better as a baby card, but I made a lot of those lately and I wanted something different. I am also still in two minds about those obviously gendered baby cards...

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